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  • Does it work with my shotgun?
    The syringe wil work on any non bulpup 12 gauge shotgun.
  • How does the Syringe loader work?
    for a successful reload follow these simple steps: 1. Ensure the shotgun is in a safe postion and low on shells 2. Place thumb into the base of the tube and put both index finger and middle finger on either side of the tube. (like holding a medical syringe) 3. Cover the shotgun loading port with opposite hand you're holding the syringe with and leave enough room for a 12 gauge shell to enter from the pinkie side of your hand. -This hand allows you to push the shells wihout the entire device moving forward. 4. Position the flaired end of the syringe behind the shotgun loading port and into your other hand at an optimal 45 degree angle to the shotgun. -Giving a slight push to remove the gap between shells and loading tube helps 4. Now begin pushing the shells in with pressure applied by your thumb. If you find your hitting a snag, try adjusting the placement of your hand as well as angle of the syringe. -The syringe is designed to capture your progress, so once you start pushing the shells they wont come back. 5. Once you get to the last few shells you'll need to guide them in until you hear a click from your loading tube. 6. If you've fired your shotgun till empty' rechamber a round and your ready to go!
  • Does the Syringe loader work with different types of shells
    Yes! As long as its a 12 gauge shotgun shell you can use this loader.
  • Can I use a 5 round syringe loader with less than 5 shells?
    You sure can! You can use any Syringe loader with any lower quantiy you want. It might be a little pointless to load one shell with the syringe loader, but who am I to tell you what to do.
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